Travels with Charlotte by Daniel W. Bates

This section of the Bay Circuit Trail is easily accessible from the Rowley|Boxford Road. Textbook eskers abound as well as visible beaver activity. There are also quite a few tree stands so exercise caution during hunting season.

The Switch VR by Daniel W. Bates

First attempts to move a computer model into the photospheric realm. This blog template limits the initial screen size, but you can move to a full screen via the three vertical dots menu. Don’t forget to turn on the sound first for the full immersive Switch experience.

The Switch Phase II by Daniel W. Bates

In the interest of expediting the permitting process the Switchboard Design Team has imagined the completed park in its totality. Clamshells, pump bumps, boomerangs, hubba ledges and even a China bank now populate the park. Phase I site prep is commencing this month via an all volunteer force.