Hall-Haskell House by Daniel W. Bates

For my next trick I'll try to embed a Sketchup model on my so called blog. I just learned at the Enterprise Center I should be updating this 3 times a week. Thrice yearly perhaps.

Outside. If you have a scroll wheel you can zoom in after she loads. Apparently if you click the 3D logo you can fill your screen with the model. Good luck.

Inside. Just the first floor frame. Get the structural guy on the phone.


Emollient Bar by Daniel W. Bates

Just in time for summer is the multi flavored Island Bee Company emollient bar.

I realized too late that you need to define the maximum number of sides for your circle geometry at the outset in Sketchup or you get this faceted look. 

Emollient Bar VR|1 & VR|2

This is an artists rendering of what beekeeping labs of the future might look like. "Flowers? We don't need no stinkin' flowers" remarks one modern bee.

Hall-HaskelL | Will-Pinder Tours by Daniel W. Bates

The google sanctioned tour maker is experiencing some growing pains and for the time being, is too buggy for reliable use. Enter third party software and hosting methodology. Here is a tour of the Ipswich Visitor Center aka Hall-Haskell House.

Double clicking sometimes gives you the full screen experience. 

This is my first experience with the Amazon S3 servers. At first blush they are confusing to use and remarkably slow. This blog template is really too narrow for this application so it's a little tough to navigate - try the control bar's auto spin feature.

There's clearly too much going on for my fixed width blog page, but the potential here is pretty nice. I need to add a volume control on the sound, but the expand to full screen option is highly recommended.